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Building schools with t-shirts

Our mission is simple. We want to build schools with T-shirts. We design these T-shirts with drawings made by Indonesian primary school students. The proceeds of these shirts go directly to these kids’ schools. So the wearer of the shirt knows exactly to which school his or her money is going. And this way the students also contribute to their own education. This is how we build schools with T-shirts: creative and transparent at the same time. You can find more information at facethis.nl 

No gray woolen socks. but hip cotton t-shirts

Nowadays, durability is no longer a novelty but rather a condition. So our shirts are sustainably manufactured and 100% cotton. They even have Max Havelaar and MADE-BY certificates. But ultimately it’s the prints with the children’s drawings that make our shirts so unique. Many celebrities also wear our Face This T-Shirts: from Giel Beelen to Georgina Verbaan and Daan Schuurmans to Egbert-Jan Weeber.

You can contribute too with unique t-shirts from your organisation

Besides the regular t-shirt line for fashion and social conciouss consumers, we also design custom-made t-shirts especially for your organisation. We obviously incorporate the drawing from Indonesian primary school children, but your company logo will also appear. In doing so you will have an extremely fashionable t-shirt which makes a perfect promotional gift with your company logo on in. Hotelweek has already done this. We designed special t-shirts for them, which they hid up in hotelrooms participating in the Hotelweek. Many guests had a great and original surprise waiting for them.